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Warspear Online 7.8

Explore the unique Arinar universe as a Sentinel or Legion warrior
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Warspear online is a role-playing game which opens a unique fantasy world for you. It offers numerous events, missions and quests. To complete them, you have to combat bosses and monsters, search for treasure and win magic artifacts.

You start the game with creating your character, which can belong to one of four fractions: firstborn, chosen, mountain clans, or forsaken. You can also choose class (each with its unique skills), gender and details of appearance. In addition to this, the character can be equipped with various items, weapons and armor.

This game never gets you bored, as you can not only run back and forth completing missions but also chat with other players, trade with them, find new friends and come together to complete quests. The game features a number of game zones and dungeons with colourful sceneries and animation effects.

Warspear online can be played on such platforms, as iPhone, Android, Windows, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, Linux.

In conclusion, Warspear online is a nice game with nostalgic graphics and a huge world to explore.

Helen Shettler
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  • Great scenery
  • Interesting storyline
  • Advanced character creation system


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